Luxury services for Private people

What we offer?

Luxury Private is an escort girls agency made up of great professionals of the sector who count on a dilated experience. A personalized and unique service in the world. There’s no competence able to equalize the success of our exclusive and maximum trust services. Small details are the ones wich make the difference and we take care that it is so.

Below you can discover some of the extensive and sophisticated services that we can offer you.  .

Accommodations as Luxury as Private

At Luxury Private we know that there are places where the time stop and we would never want to leave never more, unique spaces where you can travel without leaving the place and even caress the fine threads of happiness. This is our premise when it comes to providing our clients unique facilities allowing to enjoy at unsuspected levels of the magical appointment they will experience.

The comfort and the maximum guarantees of discretion, professionalism and luxury, convert these spaces into places specifically designed for maximize pleasure. A whole Luxury experience in a Private space.

Private services for Luxury clients

The small details impregnate our lifes and even the most incredible and extraordinary things, if we notice, this things are made of small particles almost imperceptible which allows to reach the magnificence.

Luxury Private is not only an escort agency, it’s about an agency committed for taking care of each one of the details that make the experience, an unforgettable adventure. We have an extensive catalog with Luxury products that you can add to an unbelivable experience: VIP areas in the most fashionable places of the moment, any transport type (land, sea or air), maybe a humble cabin or a suite overlooking the Seine river. Any detail is important enough to make it come true.

Concierge Luxury Services: just enjoy

Luxury Private has the possibility to arrange a meeting in advance. We have transfer services to your private accommodation or to your reserved accommodation for the appointment, at the date and time previously established. Whatever it is the place and the reason for the meeting, our companion girls will be delighted to reach up to you at the right moment and with the utmost discretion.

The most Luxury Private parties

There are very important dates that should never be forgotten. Luxury Private invites you to record in your mind, and in your guests mind, that dream day. Our private party organization service will be in charge of turning a party into an event that will stay on the collective thinking as one of the most extraordinary days they have lived with you: champagne rivers in the pool while our girls wiggle their bodies in bikini (or not) to the beat of the best chillout music, maybe a black-tie dinner delighting you an avant-garde catering while you taste the new ecological wine from Argentina that appear in all the magazines and that everyone is talking about. No matter how, success is guaranteed because you will count on the best companionship

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