The role of a luxury escort in a liberal couple

Enciende la chispa de tu relación

luxury escort and liberal couple

Nowadays, open relationships are the order of the day. There are polyamorous couples, others in which sexual relations are allowed outside the couple, couples who move in swinger environments… And there also are monogamous couples who, sometimes, enjoy incorporating a third person in their sexual relationships. The role of a luxury escort can be fundamental at some point of every liberal couple.

When a couple decides to open their relationship to a third person, finding a partner with whom to have sexual encounters may carry several drawbacks and doubts: the taboos that still existing around sex, living in a conservative or strict environment that would not approve this type of relationships, the shame and discomfort of having to go to swinger places, the possibilities of not finding what you want…

Any question or problem you may find when making a threesome with your couple and a third person, will be resolved with the professionalism, experience and maximum luxury that characterizes  Luxury Private.

Choose your perfect girl meticulously

On our website you can meet all our models, both physically and their personality. You can know in advance what studies they have, what is their occupation, what their hobbies are, their nationality, the languages they speak, the services they offer… In this way, you will ensure that the experience is better than you expected. Forget the awkward surprises, make sure that all your expectations are highly exceeded and count on the absolute certainty of having a person who fit in your tastes and needs.

Choose your perfect girlForget about the worries, enjoy!

You will not have to worry about anything: discretion, elegance and excellence are our hallmarks. Do you want a perfect meeting? We can arrange the appointment in one of our  luxury apartments and, when you arrive, everything will be ready to enjoy. A relaxing bath in a jacuzzi to break the ice, the best wine or champagne, some aromatic candles, spectacular views and a beautiful girl ready to fulfill each one of your fantasies. It sounds good, right?

The security of having the best services

The model you choose for this meeting will make sure that everything is comfortable and pleasant. She will make sure that there are no uncomfortable silences, she will create an intimate, warm and sensual environment. She will make both of you feel desired and pleased, she will know how to make the appointment flow in a natural way in which you will forget about everything else. You will feel that, instead of being with a luxury escort, you are with a very especial friend with whom the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. 

Open your mind to new experiences

If it’s your first experience as a liberal couple, don’t be afraid! Put aside prejudices and think about what your sexuality can offer you. Our girls are experts with whom is impossible that something go wrong, so fun and enjoyment are guaranteed. Don’t worry about how the appointment will be, because we can assure you that everything will be much more natural than you can imagine.

Couples who have shared an appointment with one of our models, don’t hesitate to repeat. Some couples prefer to repeat with the same girl who lit the spark in their relationship for the first time. Other couples prefer meeting with a new girl in each appointment to have the element of novelty that is so exciting to them. What kind of liberal couple will be yours?

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