Our escorts confess why they chose Luxury Private

Companion girl

Companion girl

Luxury Private is one of the best luxury escort agencies. Our extensive experience and our passion for our work are our greatest guarantee. Our customers are also a great guarantee, those who enjoy the most in each appointment and transmit us their most sincere congratulations. And also, today we bring you some of the most important testimonies that we could offer you: the testimony of our models. our models.

When you consider entering in the world of the luxury escorts, one of the most important and complicated tasks you must to do, is to choose with which agency is the best to collaborate. There are many, but not all are equal, so today we want to tell you the main reasons why some of our models chose Luxury Private:

The high level of requirement

I love to be the best in everything I do, I have always been a very competitive person. In some escort agencies, having a nice body is more than enough to start collaborating with they. Entering Luxury Private is not easy: you must take care of your body and be always a perfect girl but, in addition, you must be a person with studies and languages, to have conversation in any situation, be smart and educated, sexy and sensual, intelligent and cultured… You must be the exquisite woman that any mother would want for her son, and the explosive woman that any man would want at his side.

The possibility of living a double live

My own confidentiality and the confidentiality of my customers is the most important thing in the Luxury Escort world. Something that attracted me so much of Luxury Private is the absolute discretion with which they treat each client and each escort, since it offered me the possibility of living a double life and I found it very exciting. For example, in my daily life I’m a sweet stewardess of sporting events whom attends with a smile to the assistants. However, in my life as a luxury escort, I can give free rein to my most primitive instincts through one of the most claimed services of my clients: I’m an expert in domination.

Interact with interesting people

This is not one of the reasons that led me to choose Luxury Private when I started working in this, but it’s certainly one of the reasons that would led me to choose it again today. Luxury Private customers are successful and demanding men, belonging to the highest society. Being escort in this agency has allowed me to meet many interesting people: businessmen with all kind of studies, couples who love each other and who decided to add a plus of sensuality to their relationship, very serious people in their daily life who surprise you in privacy… Without a doubt, my clients are the greatest reason to be so happy collaborating with Luxury Private.

Luxury companion girl

Feeling like an Olympian Goddess

The demanding casting of Luxury Private and its absolute exclusivity make you feel like an authentic goddess when you became part of the agency. Being a Luxury Private girl makes you realize the great woman you are, and the looks of desire and admiration that your clients gift you corroborate it. In addition, in Luxury Private they not only value your physique, they also take care about knowing you deeply to know what you can offer to your costumers. I feel very comfortable and respected collaborating with this agency.

The lifestyle it offers me

Collaborating with Luxury Private I have lived some of the best experiences of my life, I have attended to private parties, I have sailed on yacht to paradisiacal beaches, I have traveled to many amazing places, I have participated in exclusive events… Being a luxury escort in an agency like this allows you to continue growing and expanding your horizons. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Getting bored is not an option

At Luxury Private each day is a surprise and each client is a new challenge. Our customers have very different personalities and all kind of requirements. I love to discover the most secret fantasies of my clients and making them come true, explore the fetishes that cloud their minds and satisfying them to the fullest. Each person is a world, and I like to explore them all. 

The exclusivity

One of the things I most liked about Luxury Private is its strict exclusivity: the girls who collaborate with this agency don’t collaborate with any other agency, and the clients who trust in Luxury Private don’t go back to look for any other agency. The Luxury Private escorts are like limited edition jewelry: only the most select men can have us. Being a Luxury Private girl is an honor that is only granted to the most beautiful, interesting and prepared women. Being with a Luxury Private model is a privilege that only the most demanding men can access.

As you can see, our models are clear about which is the best escort agency to collaborate with. And, without a doubt, our girls happiness seems us the best and only way to achieve our main objective: the complete satisfaction of our customers, don’t you think so?

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