Differences makes us unique
Enjoy the exceptionality

A famous thinker pointed out that putting freedom over equality, makes you obtain a lot of both, but putting equality over freedom, implies to get nothing from none of them.

At Luxury Private we know that we all are not equal and individual freedom, respecting other people’s life project, must prevail over other issues.

We celebrate diversity and exceptionality that accompains each one of us, and these is the reason why Oculto Men’s Club was born, a place for our most demanding clients who don’t want to be one more among the crowd, who don’t conform only reaching the next goal. The road is built by others so he can gallop. These same spirit of overcoming impregnates our Men’s Club philosophy.

We present Oculto, Men’s Club, a world of luxury and pleasure by the hand of the most sophisticated professionals (models). The real difference between a luxury escort and a unique escort.

What are the advantages of Oculto, Men’s Club?


Escort girls you will not find anywhere else
One of the keys is that our Oculto girls are only available in Oculto, Men’s Club. You won’t find them anywhere else in the world. They will be only available for you in our most private section.


The most demanding casting: our clients satisfaction
To be an “Oculta” girl is the greatest honor of Luxury Private and, in order to be it, they must prove their worth within our nearest circle: our own clients.
Obtaining the highest valorations is, undoubtedly, an additional guarantee for an exquisite meeting, where you will really check the difference between a luxury escort and a unique escort.


Luxury Express service
As a client of Oculto Men’s Club you can enjoy our just as Luxury service but we open you the doors to a world only for the most privileged men. If you are one of those people who like improvise o you have a corseted agenda, there’s no problem, this is the service you need. Our escort girls are disposed to share her passion for life with you. Furthermore, you will count on with the agency’s support to schedule your appointment or the travel you need.

Valor Diferencial Luxury

Our escort girls are truly unique not only due to her beauty, but also due to her character and cultural level.
Authentic diamonds hidden in soft silk waiting to show you their shine. You dare?

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